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Global Intelligence Solutions

With the help of social media and other publicly available information, our AI solution can provide actionable intelligence for your organization.

Global intelligence solutions

What can real-time intelligence do for your organization?

  • Detect risks associated with your organization and partners

  • Detect risks to personnel across the globe

  • Mitigate digital and physical threats against assets and infrastructure

  • Eliminate hours of data and intelligence analyzation time

  • Decrease your response time to time sensitive and critical events

  • Increase productivity and awareness 

Key Functions

  • Visualizes & contextualizes the digital media environment

  • Easily detect specific narratives shaping global conversations

  • Early earning alerts

  • Ingest billions of raw and metadata points

  • Integrated Narrative Intelligence

  • Establishes patterns &techniques used to manipulate discussions

  • Available in near Real-Time

global intelligence solutions
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