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AI Solutions


We offer several AI Solutions that are dedicated to enhancing your capabilities and security!

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Chemical Recon and Custom Object Detection

  • Allows rapid profiling of chemical/biological lab equipment on target in real-time

  • Works both online/offline and via smart devices

  • Trained from 9,000+ images and uses a proprietary Al to detect various lab equipment including separatory funnels, heating mantles, and flasks

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to identify labels, gather text data, and provide real-time translation for the operator.

  • Video feed and voice communication allows operators the ability to coordinate various mission types effectively.

AI Geo-location, and Smartwatch Health Metrics

  • AI system for Fire/Police/Military that collects and reports health, biometric, and geospatial data for safety and accountability.

  • Runs current mission/event data and cross referenced historical heath metrics on each person to give accurate health assessments in near real time.

  • Allows for health and location tracking that incorporates everything from heart rate, temperature, VO2, and GPS for maximum performance and health

  •  Uses AI to collect and manage multiple streams of data and generate a clear picture to help leadership make better decisions in a crisis.

Smart Watch
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Weapon and Threat Detection AI

  • Increases the situational awareness of response forces through advanced AI threat detection and automated threat alerting.

  • Detects weapons and suspicious behavior including shootings, fights, and accidents.

  • Can be used with aerial assets such as drones, rotary or fixed winged aircraft.

  • Can be used in body-cameras, CCTV, vehicles, drones, and aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

May you describe the Chemical Recon AI solution?

A chemical detection platform to utilize Artificial Intelligence for assisting warfighters in identifying lab components and possible chemical agents.

What does the chemical recon solution accomplish?

Chemical reconnaissance units and warfighters in general will benefit from gathering more critical data from the Artificial Intelligence while reducing the time on target requirement. Elements will benefit from having a direct link to command and experts to help with identification and analysis.


How is it done today and what's new in your approach?

Chemical reconnaissance units are currently using pen, paper, and a radio to try and get as much information as possible. This approach is cumbersome and time consuming which keeps the warfighter in a life threating situation longer than necessary. Warfighters units may or may not have a chemical element attached to them. They are expected to wait until a chemical team can identify the lab components before they know to what chemical agent they have been exposed. This is precious time wasted that a medic could have been mitigating the exposure. Our approach puts a library of information and Artificial Intelligence in the hands of the warfighter on the scene. It will mitigate loss of life situations and provide command elements with near-real-time information to make better decisions and get their warfighters out of a threatening situation sooner.


Who can benefit from your chemical recon solution?

Every warfighter and command element that might find themselves in an operational environment or combat zone.


What difference will the chemical recon solution make?

  • It will give chemical elements better tools and increased mission efficiency.

  • It will give warfighters access to immediate knowledge that might have taken too long to access from supporting elements.

  • It will mitigate exposure to life threatening environments.


What are the risks and the payoffs?

  • Risks

    • Proper implementation of the technology would require a bottom up approach to ensure the correct flow of information and coordination is working its way up.

    • Poor training and education of the platform would undermine the payoffs of the technology.

  • Payoffs

    • Providing timely and accurate information will increase mission efficiency.

    • Reducing time on target requirements will mitigate the warfighter’s exposure life threatening environments.

    • Coordination of seamless data to supporting elements will provide non-chemical elements with immediate assistance.

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